“Any destination serious about tourism (and addressing its fundamental development needs) cannot afford to overlook or neglect the qualities, depth and range of their food & drink experience options. And for locals and visitors alike. Meaning everything from the range of cuisine choices and pricing options to the variety & atmosphere of indoor & outdoor settings available. Local residents are vital here, because they normally comprise the custom that keeps businesses viable ... with tourists serving as the welcome cream on top.” - Bruce Dickson (TDS)
Food & Wine Tourism   (1) FOOD TOURISM:  The power of great food & dining experiences to enhance any overall destination experience can never be overestimated. As with wine tourism, they can also - in some markets & notable destinations - be serving as the primary visitor interest. However, more commonly it is an essential part of the wider destination and travel experience and one best never neglected.  Confirming its personal and sensory eminence as part of our travels, witness the overwhelming number of commentaries relating to it as a delight or disappointment on tripadvisor. Or, the endless exchanges of mobile phone photographs of ‘mouth wateringly’ good restaurant dishes & culinary delights, now being shared over the web. Food settings & ambience too. These also prove that culinary tourism is not restricted to ‘gourmet’ food. Basically food, wine (and beers too) must be marketed and packaged as an integral part of the wider cultural and ‘lifestyle’ interests of most visitors. In doing so, heed is being paid to the understanding that “for all societies ... eating is the primary way of initiating and maintaining human relationships.” (Quote: Farb & Armelagos.) An elemental tourism activity. Any destination serious about tourism (and its fundamental development priorities) cannot afford to neglect the qualities, depth, range & affordability of their food experience options. As so many newly developed city ‘dining precincts’ have happily discovered, vying for consumer attention with a lot of competitors normally has the great effect of building more business for all. And as the Asian experience so amply demonstrates, this holds true for street food stalls too. Also for the exploding numbers of new food cart based courtyards currently happening around the US. (Great foods at even more affordable prices than ever, with use of fresh seasonal produce on the rise.                                                           READ MORE: WINE TOURISM, CULINARY & AGRI TOURISM
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