“Future tourism success for most destinations is closely tied to NOT being labeled as ‘too touristy’... unless a place’s appeal is actually derived from its deliberate reputation for ‘excess’ (e.g. Las Vegas, Cancun, theme parks). This is the real message from many travelers’ known desires for ‘authentic’ experiences.” - Bruce Dickson (TDS)
Cultural tourism   Cultural tourism, in its broadest and most accurate sense, concerns the way of life of a place and how this is experienced by visitors.   It too encompasses many significant tourism subsets including: arts, science and heritage tourism, events and entertainment tourism, Indigenous tourism,  food and wine tourism urban tourism (also embraces business conventions and meetings).   Cultural tourism, in combination with nature tourism, is commonly embraced by those many discerning people who fall within the 'non-profits in travel' sector. This sector's travel values match those of the 'untourist'.   Issues such as authenticity and the careful retention (or judicious enhancement & development) of a distinctive local character and 'sense of place' are becoming critical to success in cultural tourism. Visitors are far more discerning and widely traveled and concerned about the growing 'sameness' of many destinations ... or how they 'could have been anywhere'. And it is not uncommon for local residents to share the same concerns in relation to any local development trends heading in this direction!  KEY CONSIDERATION: For most destinations, future tourism success is tied to NOT becoming overtly 'touristy'.                                   READ MORE: NATURE-BASED TOURISM
The risk of becoming too touristy, inauthentic .. the ‘same’ 
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