"Realistic expectations and understandings are always needed in the tourism industry. As is a high and essential degree of cooperation."
Indigenous cultural tourism - Basic development issues  Considerations for success Tourism remains a challenging and competitive industry for all players - new, old, indigenous and non-indigenous. Realistic expectations and understandings are always needed. As is a high & essential degree of cooperation. The likely advantages & disadvantages (impacts as well as benefits) must be clear. Business basics - management, market research, planning, marketing, product appeal, tourism skills/training, sales targets, sufficient resource & capital investment, networking & partnerships, etc. - are essential to success. A step by step project approach that is inclusive and practical (in which 'success can build upon success') can be beneficial. Integrity, imagination and authenticity have increasingly become fundamental to sustaining reputation and providing satisfying visitor experiences.  Advance community agreement is vital over what can be culturally shared and what cannot and the basic visitor etiquettes that will be required. Our experience shows that the most successful indigenous tourism ventures are essentially 'mainstream' tourism operations ... but with the indigenous bonus. In the US, tribal casino tourism operators understand this well.   THE ‘INDIGENOUS BONUS’: Includes some intrinsic, indigenous sources of strength in building imaginative & appealing visitor experiences:   Cultural depth and authenticity. Cultural distinctiveness, beliefs and codes of behavior based on millennia of local community experience and interaction with the natural world. Truly unique & invaluable traditions of storytelling, art & design, medicine, food, construction, dance ... and cultural survival. A capacity to help receptive visitors move beyond their normal boundaries of thought, perception and interaction. KEY CONSIDERATION: In essence, tourism is founded on experiences ... and such powerful storytelling traditions can prove fundamental to their successful creation. [...]                           READ MORE: SOME BUSINESS SUCCESS FACTORS
Tourism always a challenge, but is also tied to storytelling
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