”Culturally, community consultation and approval processes remain a key to project success, as with most indigenous tourism ventures.”
Indigenous Cultural Tourism - Business success factors Some key considerations   BALANCE: Success factors here, that strongly affect the sustainability of indigenous cultural tourism initiatives, are achieving - An appropriate balance between maintaining cultural integrity and judiciously responding to relevant, key external ‘customer market’ insights and desires; A viable fusion of the original community vision for the tourism project (including its cultural functions/purposes) with the critical levels of attentiveness needed to successfully maintain all key aspects of its daily business operations. Standards of marketing, customer service, sales, financial management, oversight and more.   MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Before launching any tourism initiative, there  is also the vital necessity to - Identify, research and understand (in depth) which particular markets & visitor profiles are pre-disposed to your product offers - your experiences, attractions, arts, crafts and events. Beyond specific education & school based programs, of special value will be those people who are open to, and value, engaging with cultures other their own - those who welcome fresh cultural learnings. Stay aware of any relevant changing market conditions, attitudes, and interests. Also the leading interest areas for merchandise sales.   ACCESSIBILITY: Appropriate proximity and accessibility to visitor markets and highways is normally an additional market viability factor of substance.   COMMUNITY BLESSING: Culturally, community consultation and approval processes remain a key to project success as well, with most indigenous tourism ventures.   Finally, sustainable tourism practices are closely tied to sustainable tourism and environmental values - another potential advantage to indigenous initiatives given the widespread traditional importance of personal, social and natural values to their communities’ life & health.                                                    ROAD (AND SELF-DRIVE) TOURISM  TDS can assist indigenous communities, agencies & operators with the development of tourism experiences, strategies and more. Past experience includes the development of state and regional strategies for indigenous tourism, in close consultation with indigenous communities & tourism operators. Also the research and publication with indigenous stakeholders, of a set of widely adopted principles & protocols for developing Aboriginal tourism product in Australia. 
Excellent market knowledge and business practices vital
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