Tourism Product Development
Tourism product renewal & revitalization Some basic issues By Bruce Dickson (Tourism Development Solutions) So often the forgotten or neglected aspect to successful marketing is ‘product development’. And in the context of any tourism attraction, ongoing  product development (or enhancement) is basic to success. It should be an integral part of all marketing strategies. This holds fundamentally true for ‘destination development’ too.  The lifecycles of products do matter. REPEAT VISITORS: It helps ensure that visitors keep returning and do not develop an undesirable ‘been there, done that’ response. It can also build wider market appeal. In essence, the challenge remains always ensuring that the visitor experiences (or ‘products’) on offer remain fresh, enticing & memorable. Including adding value to any strengths.
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI): Animal Grossology Exhibit  
“Product development (or enhancement) helps ensure visitors don’t develop an undesirable ‘been there, done that’ response.”   “Product development, at its best, deliberately taps into as many of the human senses as possible.”
By way of example, consider a local small town museum (well resourced or otherwise). Providing for regular exhibit turnover, or at the very least interesting enhancements or updates to the existing experiences offered, needs to be a policy and investment priority. Provided the museum is not suffering from poor location and accessibility problems, the payoffs can be significant - with such development activity able to directly influence visitor interest and satisfaction, as well as open up new promotional opportunities. (See subsequent chart.) Tourism product development is essentially about the power of storytelling - preferably appealing stories conveyed in as exciting a way as possible, using highly imaginative interpretation techniques. Product development, at its best, deliberately taps into as many of the human senses as possible.
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