Critical mass (in context of tourism & destinations) “The minimum credible amount - e.g. mix and standard of visitor experiences, tourism attractions, support facilities, services, and accessible road, transport & wayfinding options - needed by a new or developing tourism destination to optimize their prospects for success when making and marketing their ‘destination offer’ to prospective customers. Also closely related to the critical point, circumstances or level at which change (or a specific result or new action, activity, event) can, or will, occur - e.g. visitors taking a place’s experiences, reputation & attractions seriously enough to make a visit." - Bruce Dickson, Tourism Development Solutions (TDS)   ALSO: “The extent of market share (or customer numbers) that generates sufficient momentum to allow a business enterprise to commence and maintain a venture, become profitable or self sustaining, or be worthy of extra investment and resourcing.” - Bruce Dickson, TDS Cultural tourism "Cultural tourism, in its broadest and most accurate sense, concerns the way of life of a place and how this is experienced by visitors." (Source: Tourism New South Wales & TDS)   INSIGHT: Cultural tourism encompasses many significant tourism subsets including - arts, science and heritage tourism, events and entertainment tourism, Indigenous  tourism, food and wine tourism, and urban tourism (which also encompasses business conventions and meetings).
Tourism Definitions (1) Glossary of tourism industry terms Prepared by Tourism Development Solutions (TDS)                 Listed in alphabetical order Branding (Destination branding)  (1) “A destination brand is the totality of perceptions that a customer holds about the experiences associated with a place. Effective management of these perceptions and experiences can secure enduring value for the destination, its partners, and customers. Successful destination brands are those that are able to clearly differentiate themselves and simplify choices for customers.   A destination's brand is much more than a new logo, tagline, 'fresh coat of paint' or advertising theme. The aim is to from the start create the strategies build a 'living brand' and deliver a memorable brand experience at every critical point of contact between customers and the location."  (Source: Bill Baker, Total Destination Marketing)   INSIGHT: “A destination or place brand is the sum total of all of the customer’s perceptions and encounters with it. This may include past experiences, movies, news reports, advertising, access to information, weather, price, what friends think of it, the website, and its residents.” (Bill Baker)                                                                                                       (2) "A brand is a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible, symbolised in a trademark, which, if managed properly, creates value and influence. Brands offer customers a means to choose and enable recognition within cluttered markets. (Source: Brandchannel) INSIGHT: “A brand is not a function of marketing. It is the very foundation of your business.“ (Mahesh Enjeti, SAI Marketing Counsel)   Carrier "Recognized transport operator (i.e. air, bus, rail or ship)." (Source: Tourism Tasmania) Conversion/Visitor Conversion "Converting visitors' interest in a destination (or attraction) into actual visits." (Source: Tourism Tasmania)
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