Tourism Product Development
When assessing the merits of the tourism products and visitor experiences in your destination: 1. What are the key visitor experiences being offered? (Their essence and significance?) 2. Who do they appeal to? And what standards do they meet? Are expectations met/exceeded? 3. Does the experience capture peoples' imaginations? And if not, how could it? 4. Are all aspects to the product offer (its total experience) really ‘market ready’? 5. Are identified target markets aware of them? 6. Why would a visitor be interested in choosing this attraction & this destination, for these particular experiences? (Given the options!)
Tourism product renewal & revitalization  (2) By Bruce Dickson (TDS)   A special focus with e.g. museums should also be creating stimulating opportunities for visitors to interact. (’Dead things in boxes’, although retaining some ‘retro’ appeal, possess limited impact. And predominantly static collections - more often than not - need to be creatively brought to life.) Identifying and using intriguing experience themes can assist substantially. Specially those with a contemporary focus or relevance.